Philip Berryman


Karen & Robin

One of my biggest passions is dance. For many years I’ve been immersed in the wonderful world of Lambada or what is now more commonly know as Zouklambada. When I lived in Bangkok I actually taught Lambada in a dance studio for two years. I was part of a dance troop who performed occasionally in hotels and congresses and we organised Thailand’s first Lambada dance congress. All of which seems a lifetime ago now, I am still dancing and attend congresses the world over when I get the chance. Not performing any more but shuffling my old aching bones across the floor in the hope of impressing someone. One of my closest friends from the London dance scene is Karen who held her wedding in Swinfen Hall in Staffordshire.  Marrying her handsome fiancé Robin, the couple were blessed with the most beautiful weather. Now I need to point out that I was not the main photographer for this wedding. That privilege went to the very talented wedding photographer Guy Hearn. Prior to the wedding I asked Guy if he would tolerate having me around and I promised him I would not get in his way. I feel we actually worked well together on the day, helping each other out on occasion its great we are still in contact. I am in fact very close with a good many photographers with whom I share not only our passion for photography but a real connection, helping each other through life’s up and downs.

Karen is simply gorgeous and being witness to this special day was wonderful. I’ve known her for many years and found myself quite emotional seeing her get married. She has been such a source of strength to me recently and giving her these pictures, as a gift was a sheer pleasure. A massive thank you too to Guy Hearn for his patience and kindness in letting me jump in and be yet another photographer wandering around the wedding.