Philip Berryman


London and international wedding photography by London wedding photographer, Philip Berryman


Photography is not simply a career for me but a pursuit of my passion to capture life, style and romance in a way, which is beautiful, timeless and memorable.


I feel that my life long fascination and involvement with photography is a deep-rooted passion that has pretty much directed my entire life. London wedding photography and photographing parties reflects only part of my love of this fascinating medium.


In 2003 I began to collect photography. The work I was primarily interested in was classic and modern 20th century vintage photography, photojournalism and fashion photography by photographers such as Henri Cartier Bresson, Irving Penn, Elliot Erwitt, William Klein and Eve Arnold to name a few. 



Between 2008 and 2011 in between commissions I worked at Atlas Gallery in Marylebone, London. This helped consolidate my understanding and knowledge of photography history and its place in the arts. Time spent at Atlas Gallery was critical in helping me understand on an even deeper level both where photography fits into an ever-changing world and of course my relationship with photography on both a personal and business level.


My own images from years spent travelling and shooting abroad are sold and marketed through two photographic organisations. I sell a combination of my personal and commercial work through the picture library Alamy with whom I currently have nearly a thousand images, which sell to numerous clients worldwide. In addition I sell my personal work through The Hub. A combination of both colour and black and white images are sold as limited editions prints.


I believe passionately in the power of photography to not only capture a moment, but to evoke emotion and to move its' audience.