Philip Berryman



Today’s photographic duties involved a trip to Mayfair and an afternoon spent in the incredible private members club 5 Hertford Street. I could write so much here about the history of the club’s owner and the fascinating relationship with another very famous private members club a short walk away from this club. Its all quite interesting and some old issues of Tatler Magazine will give you all the information you need. But it makes for good reading and I am excited by a trip to either club.

Being in the very heart of Mayfair means a journey into another world, a step through the looking glass essentially into a privileged world of luxury and beauty. The physical face of London seems to change rapidly now and I like to think that Mayfair hasn’t changed at all and is timeless. I recall once bumping into the late Sebastian Horsley in Mayfair and being keen to tell him how much I enjoyed reading his book. He promptly looked down at me and replied ‘If you’ve spent time reading my book dear boy you clearly have poor taste’. After reading his book I now understood what he was up to in Mayfair that day. Another fond memory of time spent in Mayfair is assisting the legendary fashion stylist and photographer the late Manuela Pavesi. Italian Vogue would not be what it is without her influence and input. An incredible force of talent and Italian flair, Manuela was not easy to work for but was a massive inspiration for me. We shot in a florist and caused a stir outside with a scantily clad model. I remember Manuela shouting at the public to clear off as this virtually naked young girl posed with flowers in the street. As if men standing outside a pub on a summers day are going to ignore this spectacle. Sadly Manuela is no longer with us, Sebastian is no longer with us and even that florist is no longer there. I am still here the last time I checked and thus was able to photograph the Chopard event at 5 Hertford Street.

The floral display with the jewellery is simply incredible and its sad in a way that so few people get to see this work of art. A feast of vibrant colour it’s so utterly beautiful. I snapped the elegant guests, many of whom are previous clients of mine or ladies that I’ve snapped countless times over the past years.  It was an afternoon of capturing elegance, beauty, luxury and wealth. It was all over quite quickly and once home I slumped into my couch exhausted and looked around my flat, another scene of elegance, beauty, luxury and wealth. Sure it is.