Philip Berryman


Narm & Linh

I was a guest at Narm and Linh’s wedding at Syon House in Chiswick.  I was not the official photographer and this time I quietly snapped as discreetly as I could. I can’t help it I suppose. I see beautiful things, opportunities, moments and smiles. Apologies again to my girlfriend at the time who I sadly didn’t spend the quality time with and I should have. Something I certainly regret but I hope this wedding gift is something the couple will cherish.

Again this is one of London’s many stunning venues with a fascinating history. It was certainly not the first time I’ve shot at Syon House. The very first time is memorable for the client and all I witnessed there. I was commissioned to photograph Ivana Trump's engagement party here a very long time ago. The 11th Duke of Northumberland was still alive and graciously hosted the party. There were numerous celebrities in attendance and I have never forgotten the moment my eardrums almost blew. I was sat low down with my camera ready to photograph a speech. I didn’t realise at the time but I was sat just below Shirley Bassey. Taken away by the excitement of the moment Shirley Bassey decided to spring into an impromptu rendition of 'Diamonds are Forever'. I was right next to her ready to take a picture and having her glorious lips quiver into action right next to my ear left me shaken and almost deaf for some time. If I remember correctly Anouska Hempel was also there and keen Bond fans will be able to make another movie trivia link there. Anouska has been one of my favourite London celebrities to photograph and she is not only still very beautiful but also very entertaining to chat to. 

I didn’t share any of these memories on this wedding day but quietly reflected on this as I witnessed these two beautiful people make their vows, standing only feet away from where Shirley Bassey stole the show that night. I am still taking pictures but with a very different camera to the one I was using back in the early 90’s.

Life goes on.