Philip Berryman


Fiji Wedding

Weddings shot anywhere a bit further away from your home are now termed ‘destination weddings’. Well when I used to live in Holland Park I used to shoot weddings in Holland Park itself, which was a 2-minute walk from my flat. It’s still a destination but just not that far away. For a photographer travelling from abroad he or she would be describing the Holland Park wedding as a destination wedding. I have shot weddings and parties all over the world and a wedding in Fiji for sure is the furthest I’ve ever traveled for a shoot. When shooting weddings in Surrey and Hampshire I never pack my swimming trunks or passport but I needed to on this shoot. This was a destination wedding for sure.

Naturally the beauty of the Island is stunning and the light is so crisp and sharp it’s incredible. I am quite obsessed with the quality of light. I have annoyed and tested the patience of many a previous girlfriend by discussing light and asking them to keep moving around so in order to photographed in just the right light. There was also a talented local photographer covering this wedding and I discussed with her the skill of coping with the harsh napalm like light that bounced off the white painted path onto the bright white church then onto the bride in her bright white dress coming out shielding her eyes form the blinding glare. It was a far cry from a dull winter wedding in the English countryside that’s for sure.

Stacy and Sam traveled from their home in Australia and asked friends and relatives from across the globe to join them to celebrate this beautiful union. It all took place in a beautiful resort where there was an emphasis on having fun and letting lose in this tropical paradise. I have never seen bridesmaids so beautiful in such glorious colour as the girls that lined up at the front of this charming chapel. I have also never photographed a wedding right on the beach before and wow what a location. Another first is the fact I went scuba diving on the morning of the wedding just meters from the chapel. I pleaded with the passing tiger shark to leave me alone as I was actually on assignment and needed to be at a wedding later that day. I loved photographing this wedding and have fond memories of the time spent there.