Philip Berryman


Gallery Opening

I am privileged to know the talented Jessica McBride, the fine art specialist, curator and art advisor behind London’s Dellasposa Gallery.  Jessica represents both established and rising artists and with a wealth of experience having worked in several major art galleries in London she is a rising star on the London art scene. She kindly asked me to record one particularly exciting opening in Mayfair. When I am working I try to get into a creative zone. That is a visualy orientated mindset where I’m searching for images. I'm hungry to find harmonious compositions, decisive moments, characters caught expressing themselves, juxtapositions of people and architecture or objects and simply seeing things that other people don’t see and being in the right place at the right time to capture that happening. A gallery opening in any city will guarantee some great subjects and this evening certainly delivered. There are examples in this set of images that illustrate the need to keep looking, seeing and capturing. It sounds so simple and obvious but photographers are so caught up in so many responsibilities that unless we constantly practice we lose the art of seeing and capturing.