Philip Berryman


Annabel's Birthday

There are certain venues in London that I have a real soft spot for. Venues that I have shot in so many times for the last 25 years and have very fond memories of. One of those places is the legendary Annabel’s nightclub in Berkeley Sq. A club steeped in history that leaves me excited the moment I walk down the steps and enter the narrow, art filled corridor. There are so many wonderful things about this club. I shot my favourite portrait for Vogue here of the fashion brand team Issa styled and art directed by Robin Derrick and I recall one of my earliest ever commissions were covering the couture shows here for Tatler magazine back in the late 90’s. I recall Ungaro himself gently cradling my face once as I remarked on the beauty of his clothes as the original supermodels sashayed past in a haze of lips and sequins. There are other lovely moments with celebrities and stories shared with the staff who are particularly endearing. This time it was to cover Becky’s birthday party. A wonderful evening spent capturing everyone simply having fun.