Philip Berryman



I’m so excited to be relaunching my business and flinging open the doors to welcome in new bookings for weddings and parties across London and in glamourous locations across the world. Following a career spent snapping celebrities in glittering locations for the likes of British Vogue, Spanish Vogue, Glamour, InStyle and Marie Claire, I’ve decided to follow my true passion for capturing the life, love and energy that you only ever see on a wedding day. My new website has been a labour of love and showcases my best work – from the weddings and parties that I’m devoting the next phase of my career to, to the portraits, fashion and travel photography that has honed my style along the way. Naturally I hope to continue to contribute to the magazines that were so massively a part of my career.

Before I start to contribute content I would like to thank some very important friends who have over the years been absolutely pivotal in helping me to survive this industry and give me faith and belief in my abilities and hope for a prosperous future ahead. Only they know some of what I have been through and the following photographers have been there for me in so many ways. Whether it’s at the end of a phone to give advice on technical issues, or to share thoughts on business and marketing or simply to have a good moan and gossip. In addition these massively talented photographers have shared contacts, passed on work, asked me to work with them and been so gracious, kind and decent through some tough years that I honestly would not be still snapping today if it wasn’t for their friendship, love and support.


So thank you for just so much to:
Kate Shortt, Robert Simpson, Alex Lloyd, Chris Allerton, Joth Shakerley, Nick Harvey and James Yeats-Brown. And a thank you to two other photographers whom I have not know for too long but have also been so positive and helpful in getting me up and behind a camera again and that’s Jay Rowland and Dominique Bader.

And lastly I would like to extend one enormous thank you to the team at Ditto Creative who made all of this happen with their incredible talent. Hannah, Dan and Derek are responsible for not only my new web site and branding but so much more. A tireless, positive source of inspiration and valuable advice that has kept me on my toes and made me see my industry and profession in a whole new light. Ditto have managed to get inside my head and heart, work out my strengths and weaknesses and simply pick me up and push me in the right direction with added confidence and all managed with elegance and passion. 


I have been wondering what exactly to include in my blog posts in order to inform the world of my thoughts and activities. I am keen to contribute to a blog and give people an insight into various adventures and life happenings. In terms of content I hope to share random muses and thoughts about the world of photography, fashion and art. These may be quotes from photographers and thoughts on how digital photography has affected us as image creators and consumers. It may be news of work that has gone well and perhaps even news of jobs that have not gone so well with some gossip thrown in. There may be random stories from my early days as an assistant and shooting for Vogue in the 90’s and 2000’s. I may discuss images that are part of my collection and the gallery and auction world that I am part of. I may share stories of living and shooting abroad and some of the fun things that happened along the way. 


There may be jokes thrown in such as:

I bought a Labrador and named him Kodak and so I can say I own a Kodak lab.


My blog certainly will not be a guide to the technical aspects of digital photography and a consumer review of lenses, new camera bodies and how to manage workflow in Photoshop. In addition I will not post hundreds of images from each and every job but I will certainly post a selection of images and perhaps discuss those. I promise there will be no selfies (but there may be self portraits- big difference) and I will endeavor to be polite, informative, fun and lively and if there are no posts just assume I am not in a mood to be polite, fun or lively.

Philip Berryman